Subject: Re: man ignores section if MANPATH set
To: None <>
From: G C Wing <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/04/1994 02:38:40 (Simon J. Gerraty) writes:
:I finally got around to watching what man(1) does when I say:
:	man 5 crontab
:that causes it to show crontab.1...

:A major re-arrangement seems necessary (perhaps just dump man(1) in
:favour of Tom Christiansen's ?)

Due to lots of these problems with man, I've written a replacement which
is currently used here on werple.  Hopefully, my version, which is now
backwards compatible (if desired), will be ready for release in a week
or so. (It's stable and complete but not in NetBSD programming style, and
due to my system being dead for a short while, it'll be a week or so
before I get back to it). (Also have apropos/whatis/makewhatis replacements)
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