Subject: problems with ld?
To: None <>
From: Simon J. Gerraty <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/03/1994 14:50:22
Note I have not updated my sources since Nov20 - I've been putting it
off since what I'm running has been nice and reliable...

Does anyone recall any bugs in ld over the last month?  I ask because
I finally got fed up with gdb-3.5 not being able to do anything I want
- like accurate stack trace of core files, or debugging c++ code...
and attatching to a running process is sorely missed though I'm not
sure that 4.10 will give me that back...

So I unpacked and started building gdb-4.10 (if anyone has done this
and found any patches needed I'd be interested...)

Anyway, I config'd it using i386-misc-bsd and the build goes well
until it comes time to link gdb.  ld exits with an error status (1)
but gives no information as to why.  I can't even find any temp files
it is creating as it goes...  I've got 14Mb in /tmp, 23Mb in /usr/tmp
and 24Mb in the directory that ld is running in so I don't think lack
of disk space should be the problem... there are certainly no file
system full messages on the console and over 40Mb of unused swap space.

Also, while I can re-build perl ok, when linking curseperl ld gets a
segmentation violation (5 times out of 5), plenty of memory, swap etc
and of course gdb-3.5 can't tell me anything useful about the core

Just now, I re-linked ld itself with -static so that the core file
might be more use... and it now built curseperl ok!  But I get the
same result trying to link gdb-4.10...

ideas?  BTW I _was_ going to grab the set of tar files that cgd made
last week to commemorate building the current tree without
hassle... but network problems prevented it. 

I'm at the end of a 2400bps modem link so updating /usr/src requires
ftp'ing to my feed site and jumping in the car with some tapes... I
try to avoid updating too often :-)