Subject: Booting hp370 with current kernel
To: None <,>
From: John Brezak <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/31/1993 15:17:20
I've finailly gotten a hp370 installed with 4.4BSD and I'm trying to move
it to NetBSD. However after building a 12/22/93 kernel and booting it it dies
just after configing le0.

bpf: le0 attached
le0 at sc21, ipl 5
trap type 0, code=a24d, v=56464946
pc=1816e ps=2000 sfc=0x0000001 dfc=0x00000001

Here is the code - but I think I now have a clue where to look :-)

/usr/old/bin/adb /netbsd
_vfsinit+2e:            jsr     a0@
_vfsinit:               linkw   a6,#0
                        movl    a2,sp@-
                        bsrl    _nchinit
                        pea     _va_null
                        bsrb    _vattr_null
                        addqw   #4,sp
                        lea     _vfssw,a2
                        cmpl    #67e78,a2
                        bhib    _vfsinit+3a
                        tstl    a2@
_vfsinit+26:            beqb    _vfsinit+30
                        movl    a2@,a0
                        movl    a0@(24),a0
                        jsr     a0@
                        addqw   #4,a2
                        cmpl    #67e78,a2
                        blsb    _vfsinit+24
                        movl    a6@(-4),a2
                        unlk    a6

So needless to say it doesn't boot. A few questions I have before I jump
into this.

1. I'm using 4.4BSD tools to bootstrap NetBSD - does this sound reasonable ?
2. Is there a working DDB from another NetBSD port (68030) that I might
        try to integrate into the hp300 port.
3. I assume the load address for the kernel is not set (like 4.4) in the
        ld line even though there is an undef'ed make variable for it
        in the Makefile.hp300.
4. Any other clues are appreciated - thanx.

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