Subject: hardware recommentaion
To: None <>
From: Sean McDermott <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/29/1993 16:24:49
> Subject: hardware recommandition

> I will soon be purchasing a 486-66, and am looking for recommandtions on
> the following guildlines :

> a)  I was thinking 2 VESA, 6 EISA/ISA slots.....
> b)  I already have 16MG of 72pinn simms, so I would like to stay with this
>     type of memory...
> c)  PS/2 Mouse and keyboard would be nice but not required.
> d)  I have 4 IDE drives,  so a 4IDE/2Floppy/2com/1 parrell card was being
>      considered.
> e)  Tower With LOTS of room.
> f)  SCSI....for now just a controller.....
> g)  Floppy tape ( I alreay have a Jumbo 120 )
> h)  SVGA with 1 MG ram.....
> i)  Sound Blaster (I already have a mono one)

> This will be a upgrade from my 386SX I am using now........

> I already know to avoid Diamond video products and Adabtec SCSI controllers,
> But can anyone put their .02$ in on what I SHOULD buy ?

> (IE : The ATi Ultra Pro is catching my eye......)

> Also anyone know of a motherboard that would suit my needs......

> My thanks to all who reply.......:-)  !