Subject: weird memory stuff...
To: None <>
From: Marc Wandschneider <storm>
List: current-users
Date: 12/21/1993 20:30:56

	when i first installed 0.9 and -current, i noticed that after
	a certain point [no idea what it was ;-)], processes that
	were created all were reported to have a 32m virtual memory
	size, and the system finally ground to a halt when it tried
	to allocated 64m of swap for a simple x clock program...

	after rebooting, i had no problems, however, i have just been
	running top for some time now, and have noticed the same
	thig happening---every single process i create is being
	reported by top and ps as having an 8m virtual size
	something extremely unlikely.


root     13572  4.1  3.1  8452  496 p1  T     8:26PM    0:00.09 jove
root     13531  0.0  5.3  8440  852 p1  I     8:12PM    0:00.47 oclock
root      5938  0.0  0.4  8196   56 ??  Ss   Sat09PM    0:00.52 update

	swapinfo, of course, reports taht i have used up about 14m, something
	that has been constant [ly increasing, albeit slowly ;-)].

	any idea what's up?  the programs all run fine, but
	i'm curious as to what's causing these programs to get confused.

	anyhoo, i'm off on vacation for the next two weeks.  have a good
	holiday, however you celbrate it! :-)

						marc 'em.