Subject: No SUP ability, sun-lamp down, and mail
To: None <>
From: Tom Crockett <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/17/1993 23:44:13
I'd like to make two suggestions in regard to those of us staying
'current' without the support of sup.
One problem from my view, when sun-lamp goes down or doesn't
come back up :) is that I don't receive a CVS sup report via
mail during that period.  I don't know the status for that day.
At this point I don't have reports for 12/9, 12/11 and 12/17 
(i.e. last nite).  These were also days that sun-lamp was 
unavailable for extended periods (checked via ping).  So... were/are
there SUP reports for those days?  Is there a way for me to check
status other than by relying on mail?  I've checked the 
current-users mailing lists and no SUP report for those days exists.
Does that mean that nothing was reported?

Next, Chris mentioned in a comm that sun-lamp was running a kernel
dated dec 10:
> umm, i'm not sure that i buy this -- sun-lamp has been up since
> before i left town, and it's been running a 12/10 kernel...
> chris
I don't know why, but I was assuming that kernels on lamp were made
daily.  This not being the case I would be interested in knowing
when sun-lamp's kernel is being made.  I could then sync my kernel 
with that date and perhaps lessen in-process coding changes impact 
on making a kernel.