Subject: Re: Recommended way to detect post-0.9
To: Roland McGrath <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <cgd@nobozo.CS.Berkeley.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 12/17/1993 18:07:18
> It seems worthwhile to update the NetBSD macro whenever there is a
> notable interface change (such as the addition of shared libraries).

i don't buy this...

what's a 'notable change'?  shared libraries?  how about adding
c++ lib support to shlibs?  how about the ctype nonsense?
there's also the sys_errlist stuff...  and some moving include

i see that number as the "release date", of the previous release.
It's almost meaningless for -current, anyway, but -current changes
quickly enough that it'd be difficult to keep 'up to date'.

> I don't see how this could hurt.  Since the number is date-based it
> will always increase and tests can use #if NetBSD >= 1993120 or
> whatever.

well, i can think of N recent changes (in the last month) that would
mandate a 'bump up' of this number.  that's N new revisions to
param.h -- it makes 'change watching' much harder to deal with.

I will once again assert that people should *not* be porting software
and saying "it's ported to NetBSD-current"...