Subject: svc.tar.gz in /pub/incoming
To: None <>
From: Thorsten Lockert <tholo@SigmaSoft.COM>
List: current-users
Date: 12/16/1993 02:21:41
I have put up a re-implementation of DEC's getsvc(3) and svc.conf(5)
stuff on sun-lamp in svc.tar.gz.  I have not yet modified any other
library routines to actually use this, but it is a start.  It will,
like DEC's implementation, allow you to specify lookup order from
network and password databases, choosing between local file access,
bind lookup and NIS.

I have not put in the security related stuff (min/max passwd length
etc.), only the lookup order for the distributed databases.  There
are no new makefiles provided, adding it to the existing makefiles
are left as an exercise to the reader.

I will probably add in the missing pieces wrt. at least host lookup
within a few days and provide that as patches against the current

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