Subject: Re: 2 new problems with current 931213
To: S|ren Schmidt <>
From: Eirik Knutsen <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/15/1993 12:43:17
> I've just upgraded from current 931205 to current as of 931213 
> and experienced two new problems:
> 1: XFree86-2.0 build fails in twm & xgc saying:
> 	ld: premature eof in datasegment of libXmu(libXext)
> 	static build succeds though...

Well, I kind of managed to work around this problem by building the
shared library by hand.

Assuming that all the .o files built with the -fpic option is in
 mit/lib/Xmu/shared, cd into this directory. Then:

 % lorder *.o | tsort | xargs ar q tmplib_pic.a
 % ld -o ../ -Bshareable -Bforcearchive tmplib_pic.a

Using this method, the shared library gets built properly.

The problem is probably caused by a bug in the loader.

BTW, I use John Brezak's patches from nov. 15th and -current sources
from dec. 13th.

>                                            Soeren Schmidt

Eirik Knutsen