Subject: Re: BSD urgent pointers in NFS?
To: None <>
From: Adam Glass <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/13/1993 18:39:12
> I am using a PC-NFS product from FTP (tm) Software that now offers
> support for "BSD urgent pointers".  I see no reference to such animal
> in the sources.
> 1. What are "BSD urgent pointers"?
> 2. Does NetBSD-current have them?
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> Randy Terbush
> UUCP: netcomsv!dsndata!randy

TCP has urgent pointers, not nfs.  urgent pointers have to do with
TCP's support for urgent data, really out-of-band data.  This is
useful for things like quick responses to ^C..etc.  It was possible to
interpret the original TCP spec w/regards to urgent data in at least
two ways.  CSRG implemented one in the BSD tcp, and some people
implemented others.

My understanding though is that net-2, and thus NetBSD interoperates
fine with the various different 'urgent data' interpretations.

Adam Glass

ps. the interpretation problems have been resolved by subsequent documents.