Subject: Re: netbsd-current and XF86 problems
To: Chris G. Demetriou <cgd@nobozo.CS.Berkeley.EDU>
From: Alex R.N. Wetmore <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/11/1993 00:13:18
Excerpts from netbsd: 10-Dec-93 Re: netbsd-current and XF86.. by "Chris
G. Demetriou"@pos 
> what version of X are you running?

I have tried it with a shared-lib version of X (i got it from a site
here posted a few days ago) and the standard XFree86 2.0 distribution
compiled for NetBSD 0.9 (the one in /pub/NetBSD/ports on agate).

> i just tried X on my boat-anchor on a "100% fresh" kernel
> and it worked fine...  (On exiting X, though, i didn't
> get back to a shell prompt, but that's just a misconfiguration
> problem; i could still login via the network.)
> That's with a shared-lib version of X...
>I've really got no idea about the problem you're having... does it
>panic, or just reboot?  is there anything about the panic/reboot in

It seems to just reboot.  Nothing in /var/log/messages and no meaningful
stuff output by the server to stderr (I've watching this by starting the
server remotely, but it reboots no matter where I start it from).  I
don't have the kernel debugger compiled in, but even if I did it would
be in graphics mode (i assume).

Excerpts from netbsd: 10-Dec-93 Re: netbsd-current and XF86.. by Amancio
Hasty Jr@netcom. 
>I rebuild X and netbsd and I don't have any problems;however, I am using
>pccons. I suggest that you try out pccons.

I've done this.  Doesn't matter if I use pccons or syscons.

Would anyone be interested in ftping me a copy of their kernel and
letting me try that.  The important stuff in my machine: 2 floppies, 2
ide drives (swap on both), 3c503 ethernet card (irq9, port 250, mem
@d8000).  Don't even worry about the 3c503 if you want.  I'm just
interested in knowing what I am screwing up (I am assuming that this is
my error at this point, since it doesn't seem to care about hardware
(tried it on two different machines) or machine setup (since one is 0.9
and the other is current as of dec 4), and I am the only one having
these problems).