Subject: ld
To: None <>
From: Paul Kranenburg <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/08/1993 12:43:19
A couple of bug fixes and enhancements to ld & have just entered the
current tree. These do *not* contain the incompatible changes I promised
a week.

From the log:

`ld -r -x'  now supported on all object files. Note, that local symbols
referred to by relocation records with the `baserel' bit on, will be retained
in the output even if `-x' is present.

Support for long archive member names (AR_EFMT1 format),
	thanks to Bill Sommerfeld/Mark Eichin

Do the right(?) thing with symbol aliases (N_INDR) for POSIX lover, especially
when equiping shared libraries with these (this was *not* fun).

Handle silly archives (.sa) for people who needs them; turn on by `-Bsilly'.

Correction in directory search order for libraries. Archives encountered
in a directory take precedence over possible shared libraries found later
in the search path.