Subject: Re: problems w/current
To: None <>
From: Marc Evans - Contract Software Hacker <marc@Synergytics.Com>
List: current-users
Date: 12/07/1993 18:00:36
Hi -

I am finally getting around to putting in some time on getting the PMAX side of 
things ported. I am finding that the sources are not designed to facilitate a 
non-native bootstrap. By that I mean that I don't have an OS compatable with 
netBSD with which to attempt to perform builds (I don't have Ultrix).

Other OS environments I have worked with usually provide special make rules 
which allow a non-native bootstrap build. I see that usr.bin/make has a 
Makefile.dist which appears to be a good starting place. It would appear that I 
need to modify the pathnames.h and the share/mk/*.mk files in order to generate 
native tools from the netBSD sources which can then be used to essentially cross 

Has anybody else been through this process yet? If so, I am missing something 
important? If what I am seeing is accurate, should I consider trying to do this 
in a clean manner, so that changes could be merged in the main pool to aid the 
next person trying to do similiar things?

- Marc
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