Subject: None
To: <>
From: Jochen Pohl <Jochen.Pohl@rz.TU-Ilmenau.DE>
List: current-users
Date: 12/06/1993 12:36:35

Some days ago a friend of me discovered a bug? by unextracting a
tar archive in a nfs mounted directory. The tar archive was created
with "tar c dir/*. Tar tries to create dir/file. It failes if dir
does not exist, ok. On FFS it gets an ENOENT error and creates
the directory. On NFS it gets an EINVAL error or, most often, hangs
the client machine. No mouse movement, no keyboard input, no ping
response. Typing

	$ >dir/file

causes the same effect (if dir doesn't exist). It also happens in a
directory nfs mounted by the server itself.

Both Client and Server are NetBSD-current (21 Nov, gnu/usr.bin/ld 13 Nov).
I also tried the kern sources from 4 Dec, but the same problem.

The servers /usr directory is mounted by the client read only and the
home directory read/write. The Problem occured in the home directory.

Jochen Pohl