Subject: Re: Problems (of course)
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/05/1993 17:22:20 (Martin Bokaemper) writes:
> I think the idea of patches for -current is very good for all 
> that can't use SUP. It is not necessary to generate these patches
> 'by hand' from SUP'ed files and their backups - CVS already is able
> to provide diffs between ANY releases! 

I am aware of this, but the NetBSD core team has indicated in the past
that they won't do this, and I don't have an account on sun-lamp.

I suspect that I will look into this soon.  While I agree that sup is
the best way to go in general, I would like to see exactly what is
changing in my system from day to day.  That way, if something
suddenly breaks, I have a MUCH better chance of figuring out which
change broke it.

I don't feel we have the right to complain about this.  NetBSD is a
kick-ass operating system which we are all getting for free, and its
authors and contributors don't owe us ANYTHING.

> I would like to see another mailing list (e.g. netbsd-current-patches) where  
> the daily or weekly diffs are mailed.
> Another possibility would be a mailserver that can mail diffs between
> any two NetBSD-current releases -- so one can update from 20.NOV to 2.DEC
> with a single set of patches.
> This would allow people that can't use SUP to upgrade easily and also should
> be cheaper (less network traffic) than SUP.

I suspect that this would be a heavy load on sun-lamp, which is probably
why they don't want to do it.

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