Subject: YP changes
To: None <current-users@sun-lamp.CS.Berkeley.EDU>
From: Theo Deraadt <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/03/1993 03:21:30
The YP changes you were warned about are `in'. If you are running YP
you *must* recompile the whole world. Sorry, but old binaries will
fail to do YP lookups, in fact they may HANG. I wasn't able to find a
backwards-compatible way to do this.

I did manage to figure out exactly what Sun's binding file format is,
and the file-locking protocol also looks correct.

If you are not running YP, you do not need to recompile the whole

Unfortunately, those people running shared libraries are about to
find out how much of a pain a libc major number upgrade can be..
(i'm not running shared libs yet :-)