Subject: Re: sup?
To: Amancio Hasty Jr <>
From: Adam Glass <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/02/1993 16:46:43
> I just compiled sup . What is the invocation to have it update my source
> tree?
> I am asking because it took me a little while to update my tree from
> netbsd-0.9.
> Tnks,
> Amancio

read README.sup to be found via

I've also included it below.

Instructions for installing NetBSD sources and releases using SUP
				1.3 1993/11/3

SUP is a network installation package written by CMU used to distribute
software. For more details on SUP refer to the man pages.

Sup works by reading a configuration file (supfile) and using this information
to determine what "collections" of files will be loaded from the collection
repository. Here is an example of a supfile to load the NetBSD current

[ Note: lines have been broken for readability; do NOT use '\' in supfiles ]

src release=current hostbase=/b/anon_ftp \
	base=/usr prefix=/usr \
ksrc release=current hostbase=/b/anon_ftp \
	base=/usr prefix=/usr \
security release=current hostbase=/b/anon_ftp \
	base=/usr prefix=/usr \
gamessrc release=current hostbase=/b/anon_ftp \
	base=/usr prefix=/usr \
regress release=current hostbase=/b/anon_ftp \
	base=/usr prefix=/usr \
#othersrc release=current hostbase=/b/anon_ftp \
	base=/usr prefix=/usr \

This supfile will load the "current" collections for "src", "ksrc",
"security", "gamessrc", and "regress" in the /usr directory on the
local machine. The "othersrc" collection will not be loaded because
it is commented out.

The supfile line is made up of keywords that describe the collection's
location on the sup server and where and how it will be loaded on the
local host.

	release - the release of the collection to load.
        host	- the 'host' where the SUP repository resides. NetBSD uses
        hostbase - the pathname on the host to the base of the collection.
		The hostbase for NetBSD is "/b/anon_ftp".
	base	- where you want to install it locally.
	prefix	- used to locate the "sup" directory to write sup's
		info about updates. Usually the same as base.

This supfile can also set some options. The "old" option tells sup
to check all files for changes, not just those that are newer than the
last sup update. Normally sup will overwrite local files with the changed
file from the repository. If the sup collection specifies that an existing
file should be renamed to a backup, the "backup" option in the supfile
activates this. The "delete" option tells sup to delete any files locally
that are no longer in the collection - be careful with this one.
The "keep" option will cause sup to NOT update files that have been
changes locally. The "compress" option will use gzip to compress the
files before transfer and gunzip them on the receiving end. This option
can be used to cut down on the number of transmitted bytes.

You may want to set 'base' and 'prefix' to something other than /usr
if you want to preserve your existing src tree.

The sup repository on currently offers these
	src, ksrc, security
		The sources for NetBSD

		The current sources for contributed parts of NetBSD. This
		contains the sources for sup.

		The current sources for the NetBSD regression test suite.

If you only want the kernel sources for a specific port there are some
sub packages that you can use instead of the "ksrc" one. If you are using
the sub packages, be sure to also sup the "ksrc-common" package.

                Kernel sources common to all ports.

        ksrc-i386, ksrc-sparc, ksrc-hp300, ksrc-amiga, ksrc-mac,
        ksrc-pc532, ksrc-pmax, ksrc-sun3
                Kernel sources for a particular port.

The security package is not to be sup'ed by sites outside of the U. S.,
read the "README.export-control" file for details.

Each collection can have multiple releases (as specified by the "release"

Be aware that the current release is simply a snapshot of the daily
state of NetBSD development and is not guaranteed to build (or even
work) - use at your own risk !

Stable releases of NetBSD are available via SUP. Instructions are
included with the release announcement.

Before running sup, be sure that your /etc/services contains these

supfilesrv      871/tcp         # for SUP
supfiledbg      1127/tcp

To try sup without really updating anything use the '-f' flag. The '-v'
flag means verbose and can be used to see what sup is doing.

	sup -fv supfile

The sup binary, sup man page and sample supfiles can be ftp'ed from .  Comments should be directed
to "".

A mailing list exists for users of the NetBSD "current" release. To
join, mail to '' with a mail body
of "info". The reply will describe the mailing lists for NetBSD. The
you will want to subscribe to te "current-users" mailing list.
We will use this list to announce any special changes made to the
"current" tree.