Subject: building from current sup
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/21/1993 09:47:02
I did a full sup last night, and rebuilt everything from scratch.  It
went real smooth, except for a new minor glitches.  The last full sup
I did was on 12/10.  (I'm sending this since it seemed like cdg wanted
people to try this)

First I did the usual 

	cd /usr/src; make obj  (I was paranoid)

	cd /usr/src/share/mk; make && make install
	cd /usr/src/include; make && make install
	cd /usr/src/lib; make && make install
	cd /usr/src/gnu; make && make install

This failed building groff,  so I rebuilt usr.bin/make  (make && make install)
and then groff built fine (the .OBJDIR not defined? I don't recall).


	cd /usr/src; make && make install

I had two problems which stopped the build;

1. a problem with usr.bin/man - extra subdirs somehow got created in
./obj (most notably obj/man) which freaked out make.  this may be an
"upgrade problem".

2. problem with usr.sbin/config - MACHIN not defined.  this is an old
problem which I've yet to figure out why. (when do we start using the
new config? is it safe yet?)

everything built fine after that;  naturally "ps" stopped working,
so I rebuilt my kernel after using old "config".  

the "sb.c" bsd style soundblaster driver needed a "pio.h" include to
compile, but the new kernel booted fine and ps now works.