Subject: more wd.c info...
To: None <>
From: Lee Essen <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/27/1993 12:54:31
For info, on the wd problems...

I can reproduce the same fault every time now...

I reboot my machine and it comes up ok, I fire up my PPP link and all's
fine, it does the negotiation and starts. I'll use it for a while and
then stop it.

If I then try to fire up the PPP link again, the machine will hang with
the disk light permanently on when it gets to the stage of actually
starting PPP (after the negotiation).

When I reboot the machine it fsck's / (which may or may not
be clean).

If it's clean, then it hangs with the timeout error after doing /. (The
SCSI disks continue to fsck).

If it's dirty the machine reboots and then the above happens.

I have to turn the machine off (hitting reset doesn't fix it), usually
a couple of times before it will work again!!

This is completely repeatable, it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME! Basically if
I want to use PPP for a second time I have to shutdown my machine and
start from scratch.

I've just got the latest wd.c from lamp, and my kernel is building now, so
we'll see if that has any bearing on it.

Machine:	4/33 (VLB)   16MB RAM

		Multi-Function I/O Card (have tried several IDE controllers)
		WDC AC2340H

		Adaptec 1542C
		3 x CDC 90MB SCSI's (old Sun 386i drives)

		I've also had the same wd problem on a machine with
		an old HP 4 function controller and an ESDI RODIME
		drive. (386/40DX 8MB)

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