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HEADS UP: atf-devel subscribers, please move to atf-discuss

Hello everyone,

As you are all well aware, ATF has always been an "OS-agnostic"
project that runs on various BSDs, Linux, and other odd systems. For
historical reasons, however, ATF's mailing list is still hosted at

With the recent full onboarding of ATF into FreeBSD, keeping the
mailing list hosted at is suboptimal. ATF should not be
seen as tied to any specific OS, and having its mailing list at sends this signal to the public. (Plus, sincerely, I
personally would like to gain full administrative control on the list
so as to homogenize ATF's project handling with Kyua's.)

Therefore, atf-devel@ will be *closed to posts* and set to
archival-only mode sometime around *November 15th*.

I would like to ask you to *subscribe to atf-discuss AT* if you still happen to be interested in the
development of ATF*. (I'm not going to subscribe you directly.) In
fact, the just-announced atf-0.21 now refers to this new atf-discuss@
mailing list instead of atf-devel@.

Kind regards and apologies for the inconvenience.

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