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ANNOUNCE: Kyua 0.1 released

Ladies and gentlemen,

A few months ago, I introduced Kyua -- an experimental project to
provide a more functional and clean replacement for ATF -- in this same
list.  The introductory message was here:

Today, I'm proud to announce that the 0.1 release of Kyua has been
published and that a package is ready for consumption in pkgsrc-wip.

The 0.1 release is the first milestone in the Kyua project: Kyua is now
able to run the NetBSD test suite verbatim, delivering the same results
as ATF but arguably in a more robust manner.

You can read the release notes and find the download link in this page:

For the NetBSD users around here, I have also written a few notes on how
to run the NetBSD test suite using Kyua:

Keep in mind that the whole thing is still immature and that there are
rough edges pretty much everywhere.  Also note that this is not as
functional as atf-run/atf-report (just yet).  And lastly, remember: Kyua
is "just" ATF v2.

I'd appreciate any comments that arise from your experiences!

Kind regards and thanks in advance,

Julio Merino <>

Google Ireland Ltd., Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland
Registered in Dublin, Ireland; Registration Number: 368047

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