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Tearing down Trac


A few months ago I spent quite a bit of time setting up a Trac instance to manage the bug tracker of ATF. That was fun but was mostly done for my own issue tracking. However, it has since then been used by a few people (although I don't know what the feelings are).

The experiment has made me realize a few (very obvious) things: first, that Trac is too slow to be decently usable on my modest hardware; second, that maintaining such a service from my home machine is fragile and annoying[1]; and third, that the inevitable will happen (I will change apartments soon -- fsvo soon -- and there will be a severe downtime of the service).

To ease the burden, I would like to do the following. Keep in mind that Kyua[2] is where my efforts are mostly focused on nowadays, and I am taking care to not repeat most of the major issues (in my eyes) of the existing ATF codebase. (This means that some items become impliedly "obsolete".)

* Move generic tickets referring to "big projects" (e.g. parallel execution) to the Kyua bug tracker. [ This bug tracker is not ad-hoc, so I don't have to maintain anything and is way faster. ]

* Close tickets that ask for refactorings already implied by the design of (and/or already implemented in) Kyua. (Maybe mention them in a TODO file.)

* Move smaller, atf-specific to-do items (e.g. atf-run cli should do this and that) to a TODO file in the tree. (These items can be addressed at the same time as Kyua is developed, and be part of new releases.)

* Move bug reports to the NetBSD GNATS.

I have been applying the above to a good amount of existing tickets but now I am left with a tiny subset of tickets contributed by other people. Closing them directly is nasty (apologies if I have already done that to one of yours).

So... would anyone object to any of the above? (The main goal being: free me from the tricky administration of this poor service, which means spending more of my limited free time coding ;-)


1: I have been meaning to fix a few issues with my machine for a while, but they all require a reinstall and I don't want to go through the set up of Trac, Monotone, Apache, et. al. again for the few benefit that they provide. :-P


PS: Yes, this effectively means go "back in time" to what we had before.

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