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Re: #29: Implement race condition tests

On Mon Aug 30 2010 at 18:15:18 -0000, atf trac notification wrote:
>  I kinda have an idea of what Antti means with "race condition tests", but
>  every time I have tried to describe my understanding of matters I seem to
>  be wrong. Would be nice to have a clear description of what this involves;
>  in particular, what are the expectations from the framework and how should
>  the feature be exposed.
>  As of now, what I understand by "race condition test" is: a test case that
>  exercises a race condition. The test case may finish without triggering
>  the race, in which case it just exists with a successful status.
>  Otherwise, if the race triggers, the test case gets stuck and times out.
>  The result should be reported as an "expected failure" different from
>  timeout.

Yup.  Plus some atf-wide mechanism for the operator to supply some kind
of guideline if the test should try to trigger the race for a second or
for an hour.

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