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Re: Error "Shared object "" not found" on NetBSD

On Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 8:07 AM, Ivan "Rambius" Ivanov
<> wrote:
> $ /usr/bin/atf-version
> Automated Testing Framework 0.5 (atf-0.5)
> Copyright (c) 2007, 2008 The NetBSD Foundation, Inc.
> Base revision: 0b094aecb5df00cbc8a6a1a9b2668bd586ad5938
> Information gathered from data cached in distribution; further changes may
> have been made.
> It seems that it is pretty old. I will upgrade my NetBSD base system
> to see if I will get a newer ATF.

Unfortunately, netbsd-5 carries atf 0.5 and pulling up an upgrade of
atf is non-trivial.  Just use the version from pkgsrc.
> Let me give more information: I am attempting the build the project
> and build and execute its unit test on Mac OS X and on NetBSD. On Mac
> OS X I run
> $ ./configure CPPFLAGS=-I/opt/local/include LDFLAGS=-L/opt/local/lib
> On NetBSD I run, as you said,
> $ ./configure CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/pkg/include LDFLAGS="-L/usr/pkg/lib
> -Wl,-R/usr/pkg/lib"
> Obviously, I need a way to consolidate these options, but this is an
> issue related with autotools and it requires more extensive reading of
> autotools manual.

There is nothing to fix here.  Each platform has its own way of
specifying compiler flags, and in particular, the rpath stuff is quite
platform dependent.  If the user is providing additional flags, he is
responsible for doing the right thing.

Using the pkgconfig files for the libraries you are interested in will
"just work" though.  You will just need to point configure to the
right location of the .pc files (with PKG_CONFIG_PATH) and all
compiler/linker flags will be detected automatically.

Julio Merino

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