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Small atf-run(1) man page fix (ATF_CONFIG -> ATF_CONFDIR)


While looking at atf-run(1) man page, i noticed that it refers to
ATF_CONFDIR value; but later refers to ATF_CONFIG to be checked from
atf-config(1) man page instead ...

     2.   Configuration variables defined in the system-wide configuration
          file shared among all test suites.  This lives in
     The value of ATF_CONFIG in the above list determined as detailed in

The attached patch do substitute ATF_CONFIG by correct ATF_CONFDIR.


Nicolas Joly

Biological Software and Databanks.
Institut Pasteur, Paris.
# old_revision [62b75e4b3318fcb012a718260505a1bace71ff5e]
# patch "atf-run/atf-run.1"
#  from [c5f58890f4a5b6b481621815fbf98d7a2a640945]
#    to [0057a66fdbf91b59f7160f644330b93e07253113]
--- atf-run/atf-run.1   c5f58890f4a5b6b481621815fbf98d7a2a640945
+++ atf-run/atf-run.1   0057a66fdbf91b59f7160f644330b93e07253113
@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@ The value of
 The value of
 in the above list determined as detailed in
 .Xr atf-config 1 .
 .Ss Hooks

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