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Announcement emails


In an attempt to make the release process more agile and to do a
better job at putting out new releases, I'm trying to cut down on the
overhead of the whole process.  I really want to be able to release
more frequently (specially now that 0.8 is mostly baked) but every
time a release is ready to go, I get overwhelmed and postpone it.
I've started by reducing the set of supported platforms as described
in [1], and here comes another proposal.

Up until now, I've been posting most news both in the web site and in
the mailing list.  This involves dual-formatting and some extra work
(e.g. making sure official announcements come from my NetBSD address
and not my personal one).  I want to cut this down in favor of the RSS
feed available on the web page [2].  But before doing so:

* Do people find announcement emails sent to this list useful?

* Related to the previous: do you really care about the news?

* Is the RSS feed enough?



Julio Merino

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