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set variables at runtime with atf-run

Hi all,

is it possible to declare a variable inside an atf test program,
assign it a default value and be able to change it during runtime ?
Something like that (schematic):

ATF_DECLARE_CONFIG_VARIABLE(iterations, int, 100);        /* name,
type, default value */

ATF_TC_HEAD(test_mytest, tc)
ATF_TC_BODY(test_mytest, tc)
    for (i = 0; i < iterations; i++) {
          /* Do some checks */

    if (fuzzing)
        ATF_TP_ADD_TC(tp, test_mytest);

And then invoke it like this:
atf-run -v iterations=2000, fuzzing=1

I'm writing some test cases that besides the hard-coded checks, do a
lot of random calculations. Although 10M iterations are fine in my
fast machine, I guess they wouldn't in some old VAX and whatnot :)

If what I'm describing isn't feasible, what else would you recommend?
Just use some #define and settle with compile-time ?

Best regards,

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