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ANNOUNCE: ATF 0.7 released


The long-awaited 0.7 release is finally here! It has been a very long time
since 0.6 and this release does not carry some of the improvements that
were expected.  I am publishing this now to give exposure to the new
internals and to free me from blocking changes, thus finally being able to
work on new features for 0.8.

If you are wondering why it takes so long between releases, here is why:
preparing a release is a very time-consuming process and it is hard to
convince oneself that it is the moment to do so.  If it wasn't for this,
trust me, there would be more frequent releases because the mainstream
code is rarely broken to the point of being unusable.

Without further ado, the major changes in this release are:

* Added build-time checks to atf-c and atf-c++.  A binding for atf-sh
  will come later.

* Migrated all build-time checks for header files to proper ATF tests.
  This demonstrates the use of the new feature described above.

* Added an internal API for child process management.

* Converted all plain-text distribution documents to a Docbook canonical
  version, and include pre-generated plain text and HTML copies in the
  distribution file.

* Simplified the contents of the by regenerating it from a
  canonical source.  As a side-effect, some dependency
  specifications were fixed.

* Migrated all checks from the check target to installcheck, as these
  require ATF to be installed.

* Fixed sign comparison mismatches triggered by the now-enabled

* Fixed many memory and object leaks.

The checksums for atf-0.7.tar.gz are:

* MD5: e0367c184a6d5b3085e3258ca0520610

* SHA1: a77edf79576039374a3d88872b9059ac5f6d25aa

* SHA512: a8efaa13 4d73554c fa3b5b59 94fdab6d 2ca7d943 d31058f8 318c6232
          ea6f39fa 8c6496b9 bf0e318b 9a673f41 a2b58b2b 3ea36b46 3e98ac8c
          f3b125f0 3caa9e9c

You can download this release from the web site at:

And you can get more information about the project at:


Julio Merino

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