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*Preliminary* specification for future versions

Hi everyone,

As I wrote in [1], I'm thinking on how ATF can be improved to make it
easier to use, less clunky internally and way *faster*.  It is clear
to me that it is affected by some design decisions that prevent any of
these to really happen, and which are hard to overcome without
changing the fundamentals of the design.  Before I attempt to code any
of these ideas though, I'll be sharing them with you so that comments
can come in early.  Note that I'm *not* talking about a rewrite from

So far, I've a very preliminary draft of a specification in [2]
describing the major features/changes I'd like to see in the future.
Expect this document to change in many many places, but so far you
might be able to see some of the major differences with what we
currently have.

Comments welcome.

Will send an update when I consider the document good enough to be
read in detail, but at the moment is just a collection of randomly
disconnected junk.  For now, just give it a very quick look if you
have a few minutes to spare :)



Julio Merino

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