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ANNOUNCE: ATF 0.6 released


After a very long quiet period, I am happy to announce the 0.6 release
of ATF.  The major goal of this release is to integrate the changes made
to the source code by Lukasz Strzygowski as part of his Google Summer of
Code 2008 project.  Integrating these changes into a formal release is a
prerequirement for later integration of his NetBSD-specific work on
regression tests into the NetBSD source tree.

The major changes in this release are:

* Make atf-exec be able to kill its child process after a certain period
  of time; this is controlled through the new -t option.

* Change atf-sh to use atf-exec's -t option to control the test case's
  timeouts, instead of doing it internally.  Same behavior as before, but
  noticeably faster.

* atf-exec's -g option and atf-killpg are gone due to the previous

* Added the atf-check(1) tool, a program that executes a given command
  and checks its exit code against a known value and allows the
  management of stdout and stderr in multiple ways.  This replaces the
  previous atf_check function in the atf-sh library and exposes this
  functionality to both atf-c and atf-c++.

* Added the ATF_REQUIRE family of macros to the C interface.  These help
  in checking for fatal test conditions. The old ATF_CHECK macros now
  perform non-fatal checks only.  I.e. by using ATF_CHECK, the test case
  can now continue its execution and the failures will not be reported
  until the end of the whole run.

* Extended the amount of ATF_CHECK_* C macros with new ones to provide
  more features to the developer.  These also have their corresponding
  counterparts in the ATF_REQUIRE_* family.  The new macros (listing the
  suffixes only) are: _EQ (replaces _EQUAL), _EQ_MSG, _STREQ and

The checksums for atf-0.6.tar.gz are:

* MD5: 55cf06177889dbe1891c766dc5bf5b94
* SHA1: 311b277477bae7dab8e634f7c17cce25a8664012
* SHA512: 4aa980c5 545e606d 1b660f05 a8eae399 12830606 9703ed09
          5f6d30a3 a963af77 ea53a8a7 daada27c 8e77f13b a385ce28
          70472791 ef2bf81f f9385fda 800525db

As usual, you can download this release from the web site at:

And you can get more information about the project at:


Julio M. Merino Vidal <>

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