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atf_io_readline() timeouts even if I type '\n'

Hi people.

I use inside a test case the following code snippet:

   err = atf_dynstr_init(&line);
    if (!atf_is_error(err)) {
        err = atf_io_readline(fileno(stdin), &line);
        if (!atf_is_error(err)) {
            printf("%s\n", atf_dynstr_cstring(&line));

When I compile and run the program, even if I type chars and then hit
`ENTER', atf_io_readline() doesn't return.
If I ktruss it, it hangs in setitimer() and unhangs when timeout expires.

Am I missing something _really_ fundamental or is there an issue indeed?

Best regards,
Stathis Kamperis

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