Subject: ANNOUNCE: ATF 0.2 released
To: None <>
From: Julio M. Merino Vidal <>
List: atf-devel
Date: 09/20/2007 21:30:04

Exactly a month ago, the Google Summer of Code 2007 program concluded
and, coinciding with that date, I published ATF 0.1.  Development has
continued since then and I am now pleased to announce the availability
of the ATF 0.2 release, the first release outside of the program;
hopefully many more will come.  This new version has still many rough
edges but given that the goals planned for it have been accomplished, I
felt it was time to make it public.

The major changes in this release are:

* Test cases now get a known umask on entry.

* atf-run now detects many unexpected failures caused by test programs
  and reports them as bogus tests.  atf-report is able to handle these
  new errors and nicely reports them to the user.

* All the data formats read and written by the tools have been
  documented and cleaned up.  These include those grammars that define
  how the different components communicate with each other as well as
  the format of files written by the developers and users: the Atffiles
  and the configuration files.

* Added the atf-version tool, a utility that displays information about
  the currently installed version of ATF.

* Test cases can now define an optional cleanup routine to undo their
  actions regardless of their exit status.

* atf-report now summarizes the list of failed (bogus) test programs
  when using the ticker output format.

* Test programs now capture some termination signals and clean up any
  temporary files before exiting the program.

* Multiple bug fixes and improvements all around.

For a list of supported platforms in this release please see the
downloads page:

From now on this information will be kept there and not in the

The checksums for atf-0.2.tar.gz are:

* MD5: 163331daef2a41caafda9f08dc7bf5cd
* SHA1: f31cf24df78c194b63c0694c0f1a7b2f7bb0c9b6
* SHA512: d6edbba3 15da21fc 9b8c6318 18c42aa1 0dc44d00 2af045bf
          4bfd1e21 835912b1 5914b383 c84d32d6 48c4e421 10ed5049
          460a3627 9016f14e e84e2905 37adb98a

For more details about ATF please visit:

The files for this release are all stored in:

Hope you enjoy it!

Julio M. Merino Vidal <>