Subject: Re: faqs and docs
To: Calvin <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: amiga
Date: 05/09/1996 23:11:52
> Where are the most up to date faqs and docs, and have HTML Versions been
> updated up to version 1.1 and current?

If you speak of the publically available docs to NeTBSD/amiga, have a look at Some have been updated for 1.1
and even current, while others are WAYS out of date.

This are the docs that lay around here which haven't been update for ages:
 - NetBSD-Amiga-projects.txt
 - Networking-FAQ
 - README-first.*
 - compatibility-list.txt
 - getting-NetBSD-Amiga.*
 - wish-list.*

There is no particular order, but i sometimes think of just nuking them, but if
you could bring them to live again, it would be great. Esp. lists like the
compatibility-list, getting-NetBSD-Amiga and the wish-list are (or have been)
quite moving targets, and need heavy rework.

The Networking FAQ's a not-so-tiny document which still contains many truths,
and i'd rather like to update this myself, if i'd find some time (ok, to make a
statement: there will be a version which will fit NetBSD V1.2, whenever that
may be out ;-).

On the format (ASCII vs HTML), i've observed that esp. with larger documents,
texinfo comes in quite handy, as it's quite ok to make PS, ASCII and HTML
versions from it.

> If not, maybe I can take a shot at doing this.  Point me in the right
> direction.  Thanks.

See above. :)


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