Subject: Re: msods
To: YU SONG <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga
Date: 03/31/1996 19:19:14
On Mar 31,  4:11pm, YU SONG wrote:
> I am very pleased with your answer to my questions. However I still can't 
> make it work. I type "mount_msdos -o ro /dev/fd0a /floppy"
> and it reads:
> corrupt track(0) data fd0: input/output error.
> The disk is formatted in dos system having 1.44m capacity.
> Maybe BSD-Amiga only recognizes 720k disk.

  The NetBSD floppy driver only knows about the Amiga floppy track
format.  You either have to use an Amiga track format (if it's even
possible with CrossDOS or whatever; and completely useless if you
are trying to transfer data from an MSDOS system) or add support to
the floppy driver to deal with MSDOS track format (which I think
someone has done - check on

  I've got a partition on one of my hard disks that was created on
a Windows 95 system, and it mounts quite nicely on NetBSD-Amiga, so
the msdos filesystem does work OK.


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