Subject: Re: CD-ROM for BSD-Amiga
To: Al Urbaitis <>
From: Guenther Grau <>
List: amiga
Date: 03/26/1996 17:35:07
Hi Al,

> What build (date) are your CD's

I built my CDs on a daily basis, i.e. if you want a special CD,
I make it for you. 

> I am interested in the Amiga specific and
> would be interested in an Intel version as well
> (I don't suppose you might have the resources to
> assemble a DEC-Alpha ? Would you?)

Hmm, I don't have an Alpha at home, but if you give me a pointer
to some Alpha-bins, I'll be glad to get these and put them on the
CD for you. I just had a look at the NetBSD-1.1 release and didn't
find the sources for the alpha included. (Are the pmax sources supposed
to run on the Alpha?)

> Would you be interested in putting
> something together.

Yeah, sure. I want to distribute NetBSD to as many people as possible.
Therefore I bought the CD-recorder :-)

I am open for all suggestions. Please mail me your ideas ...