Subject: 68060
To: None <>
From: Shunsuke Baba <>
List: amiga
Date: 03/25/1996 12:05:21
 I am Syun from Tokyo, JAPAN..

>and 68060/50 card for $999 at Visionsoft. It seems like to me it is
>to Cyberstorm64. So why MK_II for $999 while 64 for around $1300?

Once I have asked about this to some shop...


Cyberstorm 060 4000 is for the 4000 only, 50MHz, acheives 80MIPs, has 
optional SCSI board & I/O card.  Price is $1233.00.

Cyberstorm 060 Mark II:  Release date is timed with an expected price 
drop in the 060 chip; thus priced more attractively at $995.00.  Works 
in the 4000, 4000T, 3000 and 3000T;  50Mhz, also achieves 80MIPS; Has 
memory option (up to 128MB); includes expansion slot for an optional 
SCSI II controller;  We have not received any yet.