Subject: Re: Cybervision
To: YU SONG <>
From: Patryk Logiewa <>
List: amiga
Date: 03/24/1996 13:44:54
YU SONG wrote:
> I am very curiuos. Since every Amiga comes default with some kind of
> chip memory for graphic and sound data. If I add a graphic card, what
> will these default chip ram go? Because the graphic data is now handled
> by add-on graphic card, does that mean chip ram is now shared by sound
> and processor which increases available mem for processor? Can processor
> still utilize mem on add-on graphic card while it runs out of mem?

The Amiga's ChipRAM is one of the Amiga's unique features. It's a memory 
that is normally used for storing display or sound data where the 
Amiga's custom chips can access it. Although if You don't have any other 
(fast) memory, It still can be used by the processor (CPU) as well if it 
rans out of "normal" FastRAM. But be warned! There is no point adding a 
gfx card without having FastRAM. In that case You would end up with a 
much slower display than without the card. With 2megs of RAM on the 
board You can work with 800x600 resolution in 24bit (16.7mio colours). 
It depends on Your display what resolution will You be using. Having 14" 
display ther is no common sense to switch to any higher resolution than 
640x480 (512). In that case a lot of the board's RAM will never be used. 
There are some patches that allow the CPU to utilize the gfx board's 
memory but I've heard only about patches for Retina card. Still I'd 
rather recommend adding a REAL FastRAM and forgetting about the hacks of 
that kind.

> Does graphic add-on card with 2 mega enough for normal usage? I usually
> sue some business software, not a video or graphic professional, even
> semi. is 2 mega enough for X11R6 on NetBSD-Amiga? Price of 4 mega card
> is really steep.

As I've written before it mainly depends not on the kind of work You do, 
but on the kind of display you attach to it. And the kind of display 
should be chosen with the work in mind. If You don't do proffesional 
graphics, The 17" multiscan should be pretty enough on one side and 
wouldn't waste too much of the board's potential on the other.