Subject: Re: Cache for Amiga
To: YU SONG <>
From: Patryk Logiewa <>
List: amiga
Date: 03/24/1996 13:25:53
YU SONG wrote:
> As cache is default standard in PC and Mac. I have not heard anything
> about cache in my amjmiga world. I called a dealderler today questioning
> about that and got negative answer. Cache is a very nice memory that
> boosts a system a lot. I am just curious how the people in Amiga world
> never have a world about that. I read the specs about warpengine,
> rapidfire, cyberstorm, none of them mention cache. Does Amiga not need
> a cache? Very suprised.

Amigas have builtin CPU cache(s) in the same manner as MACs. MACs 
doesn't come with any other kinda cache. They doesn't share the obsolete 
hardware architecture with older pcs. With the so called external cache. 
And if You have WarpEngine f.e. than it's memory access is really fast, 
zero-wait-state burst etc.