Subject: Cyberstorm
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: YU SONG <>
List: amiga
Date: 03/24/1996 11:02:35
As I address two days ago. I have seen Visionsoft ans Softwood are accepting
order for Cyberstorm Mark_II, using 68060/50 for $999. This accelarator
is very new to me and the price is attractive. I wonder if this is a 
downgrade Cyberstorm since these two board have almost $350 price difference.
Can anyone give some hints about that card? I like to speed up my A4000.
Also I heartly hope we can see 68060 BSD coming out soon.

Another question I have to ask again is that some people have feed back to
me for cache on Amiga and still did not address the question I asked.
First of all I realize 68040 has built-in L1 cache of 4k (8k ?). I have
read various magazine in which it addresses not only lastest PowerMac have
various L2 cache of at least 256k, but also lot of venders, like Sonnet,
sell accelerators for Mac68k with 128K or 256K L2 cache built-in. And the 
truth is it boosts the Mac68k. So I am just curious about L2 cache on Amiga.
I don't know if there is zero wait time on WarpEngine. Since the high end
workstation like Sun, Dec Alpha, all have large L2 cache on board. It is
really hard to believe Amiga do not need L2 cache.

I really love my Amiga and like to have best performance from it. However,
I have to say it is relatively slow comparing with my 486/100 PC running
Linux. So where are the bottlenecks? IDE, CPU speed, memory access, video
card, maybe lack of L2 cache.

There is another problem I notice. On Linux/PC, there is always little CPU
time comparing to user time. On BSD-Amiga, when I was compile kernel and
comipling andrew which both eat lot of memory and CPU time, the system
typically showed my more than 50% fo system time when I "top" to monitor
the system performance.

Does netBSD-Amiga is POSIX-compliant? Whenever there is a source needed
to be compiled under NetBSd-Amiga envirenment, should I define or undef

I have compiled a custom BSD kernel, enabling MSDOS filesystem, however
netbsd still does not recognize msdos disks.

I have asked lot of questions. Can anybody help?