Subject: Re: hardware configuration changes?
To: None <is@Beverly.Rhein.DE>
From: Patryk Logiewa <>
List: amiga
Date: 03/23/1996 20:28:34
is@Beverly.Rhein.DE wrote:
> Patryk Logiewa ( wrote:
> : Have a small problem (or rather big problem). I installed the NetBSD1.1
> : using a configuration of two IDE drives, 52MB fast 1CD drive and
> What machine? exact configuration please, at least showconfig output and
> NetBSD bootstart messages.
> : SyQuest. I placed all the NetBSD partitions on the Syquest medium and it
> : ran perfectly. The problems begin if I want to change any configuration
> : items. Adding or removing any amount of memory ends up with:
> :
> : parity error etc...
> How much before, how much after, etc.? And what is the _exact_ message?
> :
> : adding a SCSI drive (I wanted to move NetBSD to a dedicated HD) causes:
> :
> : SIOP error...
> Again, what error???
> : any help available?
> No. That is, not yet. Please be more specific.
> Regards,
>         Ignatios Souvatzis

Yes! Of course! I added then later some more specific info. That first 
message I wrote being completely disappointed... :-0

The Machine is A4000/040/40MHz WarpEngine with SCSI. At the time of 
installation it was equipped with 52MB fast, 2MBChip OS3.1, 2 x 1.2GB 
IDE drives connected to idesc. Also there was a SyQuest drive SQ3270 and 
a Toshiba CD-ROM drive connected to wesc. After having a test drive with 
NetBSD 1.1 on a syquest medium. I decided it is pretty stable and does 
perfectly what I expected. So I wanted to add a 2GB DEC SCSI drive to 
the Warp Engine's SCSI (wesc) But adding the drive causes that NetBSD no 
longer boots of the Syquest. It says (after recognising the drive) "SIOP 
error" and "Gross SCSI error" I will add later the complete output. 

That's one thing. Another thing that I discovered is that having NetBSD 
using the memory attached to Warp Engine, I can not put any other SIMM 
to the main board. Adding any SIMM to the mainboard causes parity error 
message to be printed and as in the previous example. I found out that 
no Simm can be placed on the mainboard while using Warp's fastram...

to be continued...