Subject: Re: Help! 040 in A3000?
To: Jack Bucchannan <>
From: Garth Corral <>
List: amiga
Date: 03/21/1996 09:55:08
I have included the port-amiga list in this reply as I thought that the 
amiga list was going away.  No?

On Wed, 20 Mar 1996, Jack Bucchannan wrote:

> With the recent aquisition of an 040 card for my A3000, I find myself needing to
> know the necessary upgrades I need to make to my machine in order to use this
> card. The card is a rev. 3.1 A3640. If I remember correctly, Buster, and Ramsey
> need to be upgraded. What revisions are necessary? Any help appreciated, as
> I can't wait to see what this thing does for X !!
By coincidence, I am in a similar situation and have a few questions of 
my own.  I'll tell you what I have found out thus far.  Anyone, please 
feel free to correct me if I'm wrong or fill in the blanks as necessary.

	1.)  The A3640 will NOT work with V36 boot ROMs
	     (i.e. softkicked).  You need 2.04 or 3.x ROMs.
	2.)  If you have V2.04 ROMs you need to have either:

	     a.) Page mode RAM in (at least) Bank 0, OR
	     b.) Upgraded Ramsey (to Rev. 7) and DMAC (to Rev. 4).
                 I am told that these chips are difficult to obtain
	         but I had no problem finding either.  Note that if you 
	         choose to upgrade the custom chips you MUST upgrade BOTH
	         of these chips for this to work.

	3.)  If you have 3.1 ROMs then no custom chip upgrades should be 
	     necessary and static column RAM should work fine.

Now for my question.  I am about to install the A3640 in my A3000 
w/2.04 ROMs and WB2.1.  As I understand it, in addition to the hardware, 
a certain 68040.library is also necessary.  I have searched high and low 
but have not been able to locate such a library.  This box spends most 
(99%+) of its time running NetBSD so if not having this library simply 
means a performance hit on the AmigaOS side then that's fine.  If, on the 
other hand, it means I cannot run AmigaOS (and thus cannot boot NetBSD) 
then where do I get this library?

Also, could someone please verify the assertions in item 2 above.  I 
believe this to be correct but have heard unconfirmed info stating that 
static column RAM would not work with 2.04 ROM even with the chip upgrades.

Many thanks in advance,