Subject: panic: bus error
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Adam Silverstein <>
List: amiga
Date: 03/21/1996 08:22:40
I'm on an Amiga 4000 w/warpscsi and trying to do a fresh install of BSD1.1
I had 1.0 installed, but thought I should do a "clean" install -  besides I
wanted to move to another parition.  I'm having trouble booting into the
install mode (-b) with the kernel provided in the 1.1 relears heirerarchy.
If my problem (description below) is kernel related - can I binpatch it?
Or where can I find other versions of the kernal that might work with my

My system is an A4000/Warp040@25MhZ (18 meg RAM), AOS 3.1...
warpscsi.device and ide device being used, A2065 ethernet, Retina Z3... and
I have an emplant board in there.

Could the emplant board be the trouble maker?  Or the interrupt software
that it installs at boot time (other emplant users)?  Are there still
limitations on the placement of root & swap partitions?  I seem to remember
from installing V1.0 that I needed to have them both on the same logical
device... Is that still true under 1.1 (if so, the FAQ fails to mention

Anyway, I'm stuck and I'd _really_ appreciate some help!

Heres the symptoms:

I boot loadbsd -b netbsd and everything seems fine.  BSD sees me drives and
devices, the retina etc..  It sees the swap-root I streamed and gives me a
blurb about irreversable instalations and then says:

...install [yN]?

I answer Y, I get:


type 0
code a5

panic: bus error.....

any ideas?

Drives should be partitioned and id'ed correctly - I've checked twice.

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