Subject: Can't start NetBSD on A3000
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: mc3220 <>
List: amiga
Date: 03/14/1996 22:29:59
Hi all!
I'm trying to run NetBSD 1.1 on my A3000/16 (KS 3.1 in ROM, 2MB Chip, 4 MB
Fast, 2 MB 16 bit Fast, rev.9.2) without any luck.

I've partitioned my disk as suggested in the Install doc, but whenever I try
to execute loadbsd the machine hangs after saying "Askmem..." with a grey
screen. I've tried to remove the 16-bit RAM, to disable the caches, to run
without startup-sequence, but nothing works.

I had to disable the instruction cache on my machine in order to run KS3.1 (it
seems there's a fault in all 16 MHz 3000's which prevents me from running it
with the cache on) and I suspect that when NetBSD starts up, it re-enables it
and calls some AmigaDOS function, so freezing the machine. Could this be true,
and does anybody have a workaround? I'm trying to kickstart my machine with
the old 2.04, but it seems there's no soft-kicker willing to "down-grade" my

- Marco Ridoni                       -
-            Service Civil International - Italy               -