Subject: Re: 1.1 kernel build hassles
To: Peter James Naylor <>
From: Kortelainen Mika <>
List: amiga
Date: 03/03/1996 21:59:08
> I also noticed some strange errors in building the fpsp code... but only 
> as part of a full kernel build (if I change to the fpsp directory and 
> make clean and then make, there's no problem.  :-/ )
Could it be because when compiling kernel the options are different
(come from conf/Makefile.amiga I think)... at least recently there
has been -msoft option and I don't know what good it does.  I changed
it back to -m68881 (but I must say that I'm not sure if I had that
problem, I might have changed it beforehand just to have my favourite

	Mika Kortelainen