Subject: 1.1 kernel build hassles
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Peter James Naylor <>
List: amiga
Date: 03/02/1996 23:23:35
Howdy all,

after running 1.0 and 1.0a for some time on a 3000 desktop, I decided to 
make the move to a 3000T-040 and 1.1 at the same time.  1.1 installed no 
problems, and X11R6 works just fine with my Spectrum... BUT I'm having a 
lot of weirdness during failed kernel build attempts.  Using the same 
procedures I always used on the old machine, and the ksrc11 archives 
(downloaded on 3 different occasions and cksummed) I seem to get failures 
of cp and cc1 (following no specific pattern) even building GENERIC.

Did I miss some small hints?  Has something changed?  Is there something 
dodgy about my configuration?

1MB Chip 16MB Fast
2MB EGS Spectrum
Quantum Lightning 730s

I haven't had any problems with the pre-compiled software I've been 
using... so the strange failures seem specific to GCC and/or the kernel 
source archives (as I've obtained them).

I also noticed some strange errors in building the fpsp code... but only 
as part of a full kernel build (if I change to the fpsp directory and 
make clean and then make, there's no problem.  :-/ )

Peter Naylor