Subject: Re: NetBSD Problems with FastLane SCSI-II
To: Manolis Pappas <>
From: Michael Teske <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/28/1996 02:44:26
On Tue, 27 Feb 1996, Manolis Pappas wrote:

>   Hello!
>   I am a newcomer to the NetBSD operating system. I am experiencing
>   trouble with the first time installation of version 1.0.
>   My setup has as follows:
>   A3000/030-25
>   105MB SCSI Hard Disk (the A3000 standard)
>   2.0GB SCSI-II Quantum Hard Disk
>   FastLane Z3 ZorroIII Fast SCSI-II Controler

>   17" monitor
>   CyberVision64 graphics card with 2MB RAM.

Both are not supported by 1.0, but they are in 1.1.
You may consider getting NetBSD 1.1 - your Problems will be gone.

>   Upon readng the installation doc file, I've noticed that there is no
>   mention on supporting FastLane's z3scsi.device on NetBSD v1.0.

And you still wonder why your partitions are not recognized?

[rest of problem description deleted]

Michael Teske (