Subject: NetBSD Problems with FastLane SCSI-II
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Manolis Pappas <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/27/1996 17:53:00
  I am a newcomer to the NetBSD operating system. I am experiencing
  trouble with the first time installation of version 1.0.
  My setup has as follows:
  105MB SCSI Hard Disk (the A3000 standard)
  2.0GB SCSI-II Quantum Hard Disk
  FastLane Z3 ZorroIII Fast SCSI-II Controler
  17" monitor
  CyberVision64 graphics card with 2MB RAM.
  Upon readng the installation doc file, I've noticed that there is no
  mention on supporting FastLane's z3scsi.device on NetBSD v1.0. Anyway,
  I carried on as instructed by the manual; create the root, usr, local
  and swap partitions as described, and then tried to boot the system
  with the generic kernel, by invoking the command loadbsd -b netbsd.
  Everything went fine, except the part where the installation script
  should find the root partition that was going to be formatted. Instead
  it simply didn't find any of them (root,usr,swap,local) and kept going
  with the installation. The in reported that it couldn't create root
  (or something like that - forgive me, but I couldn't remember that)
  partition, because the disk was read-only (!?!?). So, the problem
  is that NetBSD can't find the partitions I've created for it.
  The NetBSD partitions were created on the 2GB Quantum SCSI-II hard drive
  and the FastLane Z3 hardware was recognized by NetBSD as a SCSI-II device.
  Can someone help me please?
P.S: Even using the A3000 kernel, does not fix the problem.