Subject: Re: Need Help (thanks)
To: Steve Paul <>
From: Mike Demarco <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/25/1996 15:13:07
> <SNIP!>
> > A2000
> > GVP040/33 with 16meg ram / guru rom
> <SNIP!>
> > 2meg picasso
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>   This combination does not work, and your system is booting fine!
>   (you just can't read it!) 
Well I have run into this with linux also the GVP-040 card has problems with
UNIX it would seem. I understand the problem and If anyone out there has a fix
I have eternal gratitude for them. Thanks Steve
>   The Picasso and GVP-040 do not work together with NetBSD, so the ite 
>   console device is not allowing you to see the boot messages.
>   What you need is a custom kernal with the ite3 console for the Picasso
>   disabled so you can see your boot on the standard ECS screen.
>   I have the animal and if the desire is there and there isn't a non-grf
>   console kernal out there already I'd be happy to put to ftp it 
>   somewhere..
>   I am currently working on this problem but have no solutions yet.
>   I'll let everyone know if I find any insights as to the Picasso+
>   040 problem.  Alternatively, if there is any one else working
>   on this I'd *love* to hear from ya'!
>   Cheers!
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