Subject: Re: Need Help
To: Mike Demarco <>
From: Steve Paul <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/25/1996 01:37:32
On Sat, 24 Feb 1996, Mike Demarco wrote:

> Greetings all:
> 	I am new to NetBSD and to this mail list, and I am in need of some
> help! I have NetBSD_1.1 and have configured my hard drive as per the 
> INSTALL instructions, after running 
> xstreamtodev --input=inst-11.fs --rdb-name=2 (2 = my swap partition name) then
> loadbsd -b netbsd
> This will reboot my system and after the screen flashes white it turns black
> and the drive light comes on and stays on. Nothing else happens!

> A2000
> GVP040/33 with 16meg ram / guru rom
> 2meg picasso
  This combination does not work, and your system is booting fine!
  (you just can't read it!) 

  The Picasso and GVP-040 do not work together with NetBSD, so the ite 
  console device is not allowing you to see the boot messages.

  What you need is a custom kernal with the ite3 console for the Picasso
  disabled so you can see your boot on the standard ECS screen.

  I have the animal and if the desire is there and there isn't a non-grf
  console kernal out there already I'd be happy to put to ftp it 

  I am currently working on this problem but have no solutions yet.
  I'll let everyone know if I find any insights as to the Picasso+
  040 problem.  Alternatively, if there is any one else working
  on this I'd *love* to hear from ya'!


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