Subject: Need Help
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Mike Demarco <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/24/1996 18:48:51
Greetings all:

	I am new to NetBSD and to this mail list, and I am in need of some
help! I have NetBSD_1.1 and have configured my hard drive as per the 
INSTALL instructions, after running 
xstreamtodev --input=inst-11.fs --rdb-name=2 (2 = my swap partition name) then
loadbsd -b netbsd
This will reboot my system and after the screen flashes white it turns black
and the drive light comes on and stays on. Nothing else happens!
	I believe the problem is with my guru rom on the GVP040 card, this 
requires the driver omniscsi.device. 
question: Do I need a kernel that has the omniscsi.device in it. If so does
anyone out there have such a kernel that I may use to get my system up and
running? Or maybe that is not the problem at all. This I do not know. 
Any comments or advise would be appreciated. My system is as follows 
GVP040/33 with 16meg ram / guru rom
2meg agnus
2meg GVP mem card
2meg picasso
Microway Flicker Fixer
1 gig hard drive
2) 200meg hard drive
Iomeg 100meg zip drive

I can be reached as or this mailing list